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2012 August

Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Regularly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Inspections Can Help You Save Thousands!

It is recommended that you receive a Home Maintenance Inspection every 2 years after the purchase of your home, or immediately following severe weather.  A Maintenance Inspection provides a detailed report about any damage or issues found to the systems or structure of the home, identifies differed maintenance, and educates the homeowner how to properly stay on top of this maintenance.

For about the cost of a basic automotive tune-up, a Home Maintenance Inspection can help identify problems and damage in a home before they become extensive.  Ironically, homes are maintained far less frequently than cars (though a house often costs ten to twenty times as much as a car). A home rarely receives a “check-up”, and problems that occur in a home are typically only addressed after something breaks or after extensive damage forces one to make repairs. Most homeowners don’t consider that, if found early on, repairs will often be less expensive.

One reason that homeowners don’t get their homes periodically inspected is because they aren’t aware that the service is available outside of the real estate transaction period. I regularly educate customers about maintenance inspections and truly believe in their benefit to a homeowner.  I am able to save customers thousands of dollars by finding issues before they become larger and more costly and also educate my customers how to perform most of their own maintenance themselves. Please feel free to call if you have more questions, and as always, protect your investment!


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