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About Site Hawk Home Inspections


Jared Beard has been helping individuals with their most valuable investment, their home, for over 14 years. His unique experience working for a local contractor/builder fueled his passion for home improvement while he attended college. In 2006, he started his own home improvement company where the focus was customer satisfaction and quality work. Since then, he’s helped hundreds of home owners repair and remodel their homes. In 2011, Jared founded Site Hawk Home Inspections in Austin, Texas. He’s dedicated to helping the residents of Central Texas protect upcoming investment in a new home.

How Does This Experience Help Him as a Home Inspector?

Jared’s years of building and repairing homes brings him unique insight into the quality and construction of homes and their recent repairs. While other home inspectors just have experience being home inspectors, Jared’s background lends his clients more useful and thoughtful inspection reports and one-on-one details regarding their repairs, remodels or new home purchases.

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