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Maintanence Inspections

Maintenance Inspections

Every two years, home owners should consider a maintenance inspection to protect their home from hidden problems. Although your home isn’t “alive,” it’s very much like a person in that it can have system breakdowns beneath the surface that can cause your home to become sick. In many cases, these problems aren’t a cause for concern until something stops functioning completely or someone becomes injured. Often these problems are only a sign of a much larger issue.

Ironically, our homes are maintained much less than our cars even though our investment in our homes is usually 10-20 times greater. Your home deserves a check-up. Turning a blind eye to problems can lead to extensive repairs and costs may cause you and your family financial strain.

Why Do We Recommend an Inspection Every Two Years?

In just two years, weathering, normal wear and tear, construction materials and mechanical systems can take a beating. A routine maintenance inspection will provide you with a detailed report about any damage found to the systems and structure of your home. It will also give you an overall understanding of the condition of your home.

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