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Partnering with Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Agents

Busy real estate professionals need a reliable business partner they can count on. Site Hawk Home Inspections understands that the home inspector you recommend is an extension of your brand. We’re dedicated to treating your clients with the utmost professionalism. Business owner Jared Beard is friendly, approachable, and an excellent communicator. You can rest assured that a home inspection with Site Hawk will be honest and communicated to your client in a sensible and friendly way that will help business move forward. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, and you are considered a customer!

Why Recommend Site Hawk Home Inspections?

  • Guaranteed Professionalism
  • Great Communication with You and Your Client
  • ActivKey Equipped
  • Highly Flexible in Terms of Scheduling (weekend inspections available)
  • Most Reports Back in 12 Hours
  • Want to know more about Site Hawk? Jared will come to your office to see if you are a good fit together!

Ready to Engage Site Hawk as a Partner Home Inspector?

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