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Walk Through Checklist While House Shopping

Walk Through Checklist While House Shopping

Walk Through Checklist While House Shopping                        

When you’re ready to buy a house, you may be thinking of how that couch of yours is going to look in the living room or what paint colors you plan to change.  However, there are other things to look for as you look at potential homes.

What to Bring – It’s a good idea to take a notepad along; after looking at several homes, it may be difficult to remember the features or problem areas of any one.  Also, a flashlight is important as poorly lit rooms often hide issues.  And of course, a measuring tape will always come in handy.

Now let’s look at the basics:

Foundations – Pay attention to the foundation and/or crawl space underneath.  Check inside and out for cracks, paying close attention to walls ceilings and floors as a whole.  Open and shut all doors, as a sticking or “phantom door” may signify movement.  Take a few steps back and look at the structure for any bowed walls or sagging roof areas.

Grade and Drainage – Take a good look at the grading around the house and make sure there are no areas where water can pond.

Insulation – Attics should have a minimum of R-19 insulation in a moderate climate, and R-38 in colder and hotter climates.  Find the attic access and take a look.  Also, if the insulation is too old, it will settle and compact, loosing R-Value.

Plumbing – Turn on several fixtures at one time to assess the pressure.  Check to see if there is a plumbing clean-out outside (usually by the water meter).  This will let you know if the waste line is old and outdated which could be a costly repair.

Systems and Appliances – Try to find out the age/condition of the major systems; AC unit, furnace, water heater.  Is the water heater big enough for your family’s needs?  Check to see what appliances are staying and what condition they are in. Is there a dishwashing machine and if not is there room to add one?

Hope this helps out and happy house hunting!


  1. Maria says:

    Hey, it’s good you guys found this out now, and not after you bought the house and you’re tnryig to sell it years from now..or God forbid something happens while you’re living in it. This is what home inspections are for. It sux now, but long term it’s good that you guys know this

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